Forever Free
Thoughts from inside my head.
About Calynn

I’m just a twenty-something lady living in the small town country life of Wisconsin.  I have many loves and passions in my life.  This blog is just an expression of who I feel I am.

Growing up with Blount’s Disease, the ability to let alone walk was a blessing.  From there I always loved to challenge myself.  Dancing became a passion when I was little.  With braces on my legs, I danced whenever I could.  Later in my life, I took every opportunity. After graduating from high school early and continuing on at college for the last semester of high school, I pursed my love of art.  I started my education in Graphic Design course, but I felt a much stronger love for homes and architecture.  Coming from a single parent household, going to a university or private college would be out of reach for me.   But after a long time of debating, I finally signed a transfer to ITT-Tech in the School of Drafting and Design.  This lead to me completing a degree in Carpentry and to where I am now.  I am a free-lance in carpentry and interior design.  I enjoy being creative and coming up with solutions to accommodate a person’s issue with where they live.  Creating affordable creative solution is a strong passion and I continue to love it everyday.  

If there’s one thing in life I learned it would be the fact that life is just a path.  There’s  so many ways things and event could have gone, but the path chosen is just that.  Chosen.  I think that everything happens for a reason.  Good and bad.  And in the end, we should take each of the events and make them lessons.  Something to learn and continue building yourself, inside and out.  

Some passions of mine are as follows:

~ Nature: including and not limited to- gardening, forestry, wood, animals, crafting, landscapes, and weed of course.  

~Houses and Architecture:  Interiors, Exteriors, Architectural features, sustainable living and cob homes.  

~ Fitness:  Healthy eating and living, working out, weight-lifting, and cooking.

~ Fashion:  Unique looks, earthy, older clothing, vintage, and hobo.